Load once, publish twice The hyper-local publishing platform for mobile and the web

Feature 1


With LIMA you can create a mobile app and a web app. Both are connected via a CMS; make a change in the CMS and it is instantly published to mobile and desktop. Our products  enable you to become the number 1 source of media in your town.

Feature 2

Generate revenue

Advertising inventory is built into LIMA's products so you can secure a sustainable revenue income that supports your business operations. Advertisers will love the display opportunities, directory listings, blogs, and event pop-ups. LIMA allows you to keep full control of your advertising inventory.

Feature 3

Micro Apps for events and causes in your community.

LIMA's unique structure allows you to create digital features for events with a pop-up app. Create an app within an app for all the big local shows, arts festivals and more.

Feature 4

Support and Resources

All our independent operators agree to share their experience and ideas for the benefit of all. Manage your business secure in the knowledge that there is a wide network of people ready and willing to assist. Share stories and get advertising referrals, its all possible as a member of the iAppNetwork.


How does it work?

It’s easy to utilise the power of mobile publishing with LIMA.
Become the go-to source for local news and information in your
community with these easy steps.

Sign Up for an iApp Network Account

Choose the colour theme you fancy, let us know your logo and app icon (or we can help with that).

Customize and build the app with LIMA

Choose the directories and news sections you want and start adding paid advertisments

Deploy on your community!

After you have added your first few news stories, you are ready to 'go live'.